Oh the faces!

Howdy Ya'll!

Welcome to my very first post! I have been spending time this weekend working on faces. I rediscovered some Burne Hogarth books on my shelf and started to work with some of the head stuff.

His writing is a bit dry in my opinion, but he does know his stuff. I started with just sketching some of his heads from where he talks about the cranial sphere relative to the facial wedge from different perspectives of the head. While I sketched his drawings, I started to pick up on certain features like the cheekbones and the extruded brow above the eyes. After a couple hours of that I jumped in and began adapting it into my style of illustration. I had a few weird failed attempts but I got it to start working for me. Check out my results below.

I've you've been working on anything interesting lately be sure to share it with everyone in the comments below. I'd love to see it!

Title   Race Day   Size   14" x 17"   Materials   Pencil, Paint Pen, Sharpie, Ink Pen, Ink Wash   Paper   98#/160g MultiMedia Drawing

Title Race Day
Size 14" x 17"
Materials Pencil, Paint Pen, Sharpie, Ink Pen, Ink Wash
Paper 98#/160g MultiMedia Drawing


This original is for sale. Contact me with a price if you are interested. And as always, if you'd like a personalized illustration I'd love to work with you. Check out my shop on details for that.