The Year 2014 – Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

This is a six part series commemorating the major events of 2014. More information can be found after the article.

2014 was a big year for Russia. They hosted the Winter Olympics, Annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine. They did their part to make sure we didn’t forget their bearish culture.

Digital sketch for (not an actual print): Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

Digital sketch for (not an actual print): Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

It felt strange in America during the Olympics at first. There is usually some conflict around the Olympics as various groups try to grab attention on the coattails of a worldwide event. But for me it felt like we were acting the part of the snobby rich people in our comfortable mansions who were invited into Russia’s home only to make fun of their drab curtains and weird floorplan.

I think #SochiProblems summed it up pretty well. Days before the Olympics began, journalists began arriving in at their accommodations in Sochi and began posting pics of oddities such as dogs in the hallways, yellow water coming out of the faucet after being told “don’t use it on your face”, or two sitting toilets right next to each other with no divider. It continued into the first days of the event with the open ceremony malfunction (which was beautifully mocked in the ending ceremony), and as athletes started posting similar images and stories with the #SochiProblems tag, most notably a American bobsledder who locked himself in the bathroom without his phone so pushed through the door. It simmered down after a while, and I’ll admit I partook the lolz, but in retrospect it was pretty disrespectful.

Days after the Olympics ended, reports of unmarked troops started taking over strategic locations throughout Crimea, for a while Russia denied that they knew anything about it or were involved in any way and later admitted, but after the damage was done. In March Crimea was annexed by Russia and conflict spread into Ukraine where it remains in early 2015. Because of this conflict in Ukraine, a second Malyasia Airlines flight was brought down via surface to air missile making 2014 a very deadly year for air travel.

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