The Year 2014 – Brazil Hosts the World Cup

This is a six part series commemorating the major events of 2014. More information can be found after the article.

When Brazil is set to host the world cup you can expect a real show. It’s not the first World Cup and it certainly isn’t the last but it was definitely a landmark event of 2014. Soccer viewership and interest increased dramatically in the US, a new soccer ball design was introduced, and it was in Brazil, a country that has an immense amount of pride for the sport.

Digital sketch for (not an actual print): Brazil hosts World Cup

Digital sketch for (not an actual print): Brazil hosts World Cup

Brazil was ready to show the whole world who is king, but in the end they didn’t pull it together. They didn’t even get to compete in the final match. This no doubt cast a shadow on their pride while they stood atop the world of soccer as the host. In the end it was Germany and Argentina facing off in the finals with Germany taking home their fourth World Cup victory.

The matches were amazing, the athleticism, the strategy, the sweat, blood and tears. For me personally, it was the first time in a very very long time I was actually engaged by sports on television, and perhaps that’s why it was so memorable to me. I couldn’t help but hold a sense of awe as I watched the players pour everything they had into their games.

If you’ve never watched a Germany vs Anybody match in the World Cup finals in the presence of Germans, you’re missing something. I don’t really know what, but something. This particular couple drank through the entire game and and got so terribly belligerent by the end, they were confusing Argentina with Mexico and making unintelligible immigration commentary at top volume in a restaurant, half of which wasn’t even watching the game … and their team was winning! Imagine if they weren’t.

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