Life Drawing: Session 2

I had a hard time with yesterdays session. I was trying to do quick sketches with ink washes which I've never really attempted before. It generated some interesting results, but nothing great. It wasn't until the last two twenty minute poses that I took a deep breath and really focused on getting the form right. Those last two poses (below) turned out beautifully in my opinion.

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Life Drawing: Session 1

It's been nearly 8 years since I've done any life drawing. I found one here in town and dove right in. I'm pretty sure you can find me at the Argos Gallery every Tuesday from 6:30–9:30pm from here on out because I had a great time.

The format is pretty casual, and they mix up the length of the poses from several quick 1 minute poses to longer 40 minute poses (broken into 2 twenty minute sessions where the model closely matches their pose for the second 20 minutes making it effectively 40 minutes in the same pose.)

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